Selling in 1 day over list price in 2018 IN CALGARY!

How do you sell your home in 1 day over list price in 2018, a terrible year for real estate.

The key is to find out the real price of the home, the price some one will actually pay, not the price that you want or need.

Finding that price isn't easy, and most agents don't know how to do it properly.

By analyzing the market from multiple angles together with you in person, we can find the realistic sale price. And find the best strategy to sell fast.

The property below sold in one day  (unconditional offer) for $11,000 over asking. 

Listed at $350,000
Sold at     $361,000

I know you are wondering how does that happen, and why.

I cant give all the secrets away online, but when we meet and do a home evaluation I will give you the most detailed report on your home that you will understand.

Calgary 2 Percent Realty - Elvis Vikic